Looking for a Viking story from my childhood.


When I was in school I remember a Viking story (not a saga) where a Valkyrie sent out by Odin to collect a fallen hero. When she watches the battle, she starts to fall in love with the hero. So instead of collecting him, she saves him and they run off together. They have adventures together until one day he is mortally wounded, and passes away in her arms. She then takes him to Valhalla where they continue to love each other.

Has anyone ever read this story and can tell me the title?




Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

I wish I would have seen this a couple of days ago because a gentleman had a seizure in my store yesterday and only a couple of people knew how to respond. This is good information to know.



Hvem skal synge meg
I daudsvevna slynge meg
Når eg på Helvegen går
Og dei spora eg trår er kalda, så kalda

Eg songane søkte
Eg songane sende
Då den djupaste brunni
Gav meg dråper så ramme
Av Valfaders pant

Alt veit eg, Odin
Var du gjømde ditt auge


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book of old

book of a druid